Technical Information - LearnScape

The following browser recommendations and settings will improve your experience using LearnScape and ensure access to the activities and tools in your LearnScape courses.

Browser Versions

For security reasons, The LearningHUB recommends updating browsers to the most recent version for your operating system.

Recommended browsers and versions

We recommend that you use the latest version of Chrome (for PC), Safari (for Mac), or Puffin (for mobile) for the best LearnScape experience.

LearnScape may also operate on other browsers, but with qualifications.

Adobe Flash and Popups are required for most lessons.

Click here to view Printable Instructions for Allowing Flash and Popups on Chrome

Video - Allowing Flash and Popups on Chrome
Video - Allowing Flash and Popups on EDGE
Video - Allowing Flash and Popups on Safari


Some lessons may include Adobe Flash interactive media or video. To play the media:

Note: Adobe Flash Player is not available for many mobile devices. Adobe is ending support for Flash in 2019.


Flash - more information

Learnscape provides a Flash checker at the bottom of the Login page.
View information about this here

Flash on other browsers
Click here to check that Flash is enabled on the browser you are currently using