Program Requirements

We are a free program, but we still expect that you

  • Check your email weekly in case your practitioner emailed you.
  • Reply to emails from your practitioner within one week.
  • Tell your practitioner if you need to be away from your lessons.
  • Make regular progress each week.   

Progress Expectations

You are expected to complete LearningHUB work each week (3 hours is encouraged or an amount of time that is agreed upon).  Your Practitioner will help you set timelines to complete your coursework.  A consistent study schedule will help you measure your progress and reach your goals. 

Communication Expectations

Adult learners have many responsibilities and it can be hard to schedule time for learning.  Let your Practitioner know if you are sick or will be away.  You may be exited from the program if coursework is not completed weekly.

Returning to the Program

Multiple registrations may not be accepted.  Each registration is looked at individually by our Intake Team.