Program Policies

Exit Policies

If, after one month from time of registration, learners requesting Independent Study have not completed and returned their intake assessment to the LearningHUB or communicated their intent to remain in the program, the registration will be discarded, and the learner exited.

Registered learners who do not average 3-5 hours of work online each week, and/or show measurable progress, and who have not responded to email and/or phone calls from LearningHUB staff, will also be exited from the program. All learners are welcome to re-register in the program if their schedule allows at a later date. Registrations are processed based on program capacity at the time of registration.   

Live Class Attendance Policy

Live Classes are very popular and learners should be aware many of the classes fill to capacity and generate waiting lists. As a result, learners who are absent from two Live Classes (without notifying the LearningHUB staff before class) may be un-enrolled from future classes and exited from the program. Vacated spots will then be opened to someone from the waiting list. Exited learners can sign up for Live Classes the following term if space is available but will be issued an attendance warning.   

Independent Study/Short Course Attendance Policy

Independent Study, which includes Short Courses, is the LearningHUB’s most popular mode of study. Spots are limited so learners who choose the Independent Study upgrading option are required to work online at least 3-5 hours per week and show measurable progress.

All learners registering for the LearningHUB’s Independent Study/Short Course study options will be administered an online assessment to establish skills levels and readiness for online learning.  Some registrants may be determined ineligible for this type of study based on the results of the assessment. If this is the case alternative programming may be suggested.

Please note that Independent Study registrations for the LearningHUB may be placed on a waiting list until a space becomes available. With some exceptions the Waiting List for independent /Short Courses will be managed on a first come, first served basis.

Preference may be given to learners:
• Who are unable to access face-to-face upgrading services;
• Who have time sensitive upgrading needs or deadlines (i.e. post secondary enrolment).

Learners on the waiting list will be advised by email when a spot becomes available. They will have 14 days to respond before the spot is offered to the next registrant on the list.   

Collection of Personal Information and Consent Policy

Prior to receiving service from the LearningHUB all learners must complete a Notice of Collection of Personal Information and Consent (Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development) included as part of their registration form. 

Learners participating on the LearningHUB will be asked to complete a Customer Satisfaction Survey at some point during their time with the LearningHUB.

According to funding guidelines, Learners will also be asked to complete follow up surveys 3, 6 and 12 months after exiting the LearningHUB.