Can a learner participate in both e-Channel and regular LBS programs at the same time?

Yes. e-Channel was developed for learners who can not access traditional LBS programs, however, it is also an option for flexible learning in your program.  

How do I know what courses are available on the LearningHUB?

The LearningHUB is proud to report we have curriculum and upgrading tools for Reading, Writing, Canadian Social Studies, Science, Math, GED Prep and Essential Skills. Our printable course catalogue is available on the homepage of our website.  We are always enhancing our resources, check our website regularly for updates! Looking for something we don’t offer yet? Just ask!

How do programs fit online learning into regular programming? Don’t things get a little crazy?

It certainly takes some management to offer flexible learning in a classroom setting; however, once you’ve made the initial foray into online learning, you’ll find it is more a help than a hindrance. Most LBS practitioners start out slowly. One way is to register learners with common goals in a Live Class such as Understanding Fractions or writing an Essay. With Live Classes, the lesson is taught and the learner is introduced to the skill sets involved. LearningHUB practitioners then follow up by providing more opportunities to practice.

What level of expertise would I need to support learners taking online learning? I don’t have time to take training myself, and I’m not exactly a computer whiz!

You don’t have to be. Once you locate the website (, you need to be able to direct your learner to the register button and help them complete the registration form. That’s it. It would be helpful to know a little bit about downloading, but it isn’t essential. The LearningHUB has technical practitioners who can help with that. They can assist by phone, or by email. They can even gain temporary control of your learner’s computer through a program called LogMeInRescue and complete the download for you.

When learners are taking a lot of different online courses, how can I stay on top of what everyone is doing and what progress they are making?

Every learner registered with the LearningHUB is assigned an online practitioner who acts as a mentor throughout their learning. You can be included in all emails to your learner by having your learner 1) list your name and contact information in the support field when they register for a course and 2) make a request in the comment section for progress updates. Classroom Practitioners are also welcome to email HUB practitioners directly, or can ask their learners to show them their online Learner Plan.  Instructions on how learners can view their online Learner Plan are on the website. 

What happens when I refer a learner to the LearningHUB?

The learner is asked to fill out an online registration form. That registration form is then processed by The LearningHUB and the learner is asked to complete an Intake Assessment. This assessment may be sent to the learner by email, or the Learner can access it from The LearningHUB website, by clicking on the #3, then on “Intake”. Once the completed assessment is received the learner is assigned to an online practitioner who will contact them, and work collaboratively with them to create a plan for training that will fit the learner’s needs.



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