Math Basics 1: Multiplication

Math Basics is a two-part series.  These classes will help refresh your knowledge and build your confidence with math.  In this first class, we review the basics of multiplying numbers.  Multiplication is a quick way to add the same number many times.  This is a skill we all need in our math tool-kits!  We will talk about the Multiplication Table, and show you how easy it is to use.  We then give tips for multiplying small numbers, working our way up to larger numbers.

Employment Success Series 1: Resume Basics

Employment Success is five-part series that will help you get ready for your next job.  These are short sessions that give you the tips you need to move forward with your goals. 

In this first class, we introduce you to the basic steps for creating a Résumé.  A résumé is a 1-2 page document that tells an employer your qualifications, skills, education and work history.  We will talk about these sections and give you strategies to make your résumé clear, attractive and professional.  We will also share websites and free services you can use for help.


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Using Plato

What You Need to Know

Plato has been a resource for classroom literacy programs for several years. PLATO has a number of lessons that deal with more basic skills in math, reading and writing. More advanced lessons are outlined by a number of National Occupation Codes (NOC) and packaged lessons dealing with Essential Skills required for each code are available. This is an extremely valuable tool for learners with employment related goals.

Separate courses can be taken such as:

Using Moodle

What You Need to Know

Moodle is a course website where learners can log into online courses and complete assigned course work at their own pace. A LearningHUB practitioner monitors learner progress, provides support and feedback, and assesses learner's work online. Most online courses offer a variety of activities that include videos, quizzes, webpage links, journal writing/opinion pages, etc. that enhance the learning experience for learners.After you sign up for a course on Moodle your LearningHUB Practitioner will send you login instructions for your course.