Math - Fractions: Adding & Subtracting

Take the skills you learned in Introduction to Fractions a step further by learning to add and subtract fractions. It's not as hard as you think! 

Note: Students should be able to add, subtract, multiply, divide and find a common denominator before taking this class. 

OALCF Levels: A1.1, A3, B1.2, C1.2, C2.2, C3.2, C4.2, D.1-D.2

Surfing the Internet for Beginners

Do you find surfing the internet confusing? Are you hearing words that aren't familiar to you? Would you like to learn how to access information on local weather, used cars for sale, health and more? Sign up for this course and we will help you clear up some internet mysteries!

OALCF Levels: A1.1, A2.1, A3, B1.2, D.1-D.2

Reading Comprehension

You read but don't understand. You read but can't keep the information in your head. Sound familiar? Take this course if you think reading comprehension is painful and confusing. Together, we will identify what kind of a reader you are and discover techniques to warm up your brain before starting to read. We'll also create your own special toolbox to help make reading fun and enjoyable!

OALCF Levels: A1.1-A1.2; A2.1; A3; B1.2; D.2.

Math - Decimals: Adding & Subtracting

Decimals are used to represent money and measurements. Take this class to get a basic understanding of decimal fractions and how they are written. Practise using mixed numbers in decimal form. Learn to add and subtract decimals so you can improve your math skills at home, work and school.

OALCF Levels: A1.1, A3, B1.2, C1.1, C2.1, C3.1, C4.1, D.1-D.2