Reading Comprehension

Reading: Reading Comprehension    Take this course if you think reading comprehension is painful and confusing. We will identify what kind of a reader you are and discover techniques to warm up your brain before starting to read. You are reading but you don't understand what you are reading? You are reading but you cannot keep what you read in your head? Don't worry. We will create your own special toolbox to help you with your reading comprehension and this in turn will make reading a pleasurable experience for you. 

Math - Decimals: Adding & Subtracting

Using decimals is a part of everyday life. Get a basic understanding of decimal fractions and how they are written. Practise using mixed numbers in decimal form. Enter into the world of adding and subtracting decimals. 
OALCF LEVEL: C4.1; B1.2; A1.1, D.2

GED - Social Studies Part 2

Canadian History helps us to understand who we are and how we came to be that way. World History helps us to understand and value the progress made and the remaining challenges that exist in today’s world. Strategies will be examined on how to read and digest information and then use it to make a decision. Summarizing, analysing cause and effect and making conclusions will be practised in this session.

OALCF LEVEL: A1.1-A1.3, A2.1-A2.3, A3; B1.2, B2.1-B2.3, B3.1; D.1-D.3

Math - Fractions: Multiplying & Dividing

Take the skills you learned in the first two fraction courses even further by learning to multiply and divide fractions.

Note: Students should be able to add, subtract, multiply and divide before taking this class.

OALCF LEVEL: C4.2; B1.2; A1.1; D.2

On the Job Thinking Skills

One of the 9 Essential Skills, Thinking Skills includes problem solving, decision making, critical thinking, job task planning and organizing, significant use of memory and finding information. Examine real-life examples of the required use of Thinking Skills on the job. Learn strategies and tips on how to cope with some of the "thinking" problems you may encounter in life and on the job.

OALCF LEVEL: B1.2; A1.1, A2.1; D.1-D.3

Better Grammar & Punctuation Part 1

This is a practical guide to correct punctuation and some grammar.  Learn how to write a sentence using proper punctuation in the right places.  Learn about common punctuation marks – period, commas, colons/semi-colons, apostrophes, question marks, exclamation marks – and when to use them in your writing.  Learn also about prefixes and suffixes. Some helpful websites that contain useful grammar/punctuation tips will be provided. 

OACLF LEVEL: B1.2, B2.1, A1.1, A1.2, A2.1, A2.2, D.1-D.3

Math - Geometry 1: Lines & Angles

Learn the basics for working with lines and angles. Lines and angles can be measured and are named according to their features. Concepts learned in this session relate to carpentry and design.

NOTE: Students should know how to add, subtract, multiply and divide whole numbers and decimals, plus have some knowledge of algebra before taking this course.

OALCF Level: C3.1-C3.3

Math Stories - Reading to Understand Math

This class will work on improving general reading comprehension and strengthening existing math skills. We will read math stories, look for clue words, determine what facts and operations are needed, break down the steps and attempt to solve the math question. Calculators should not be needed. 

Note: Students should be able to add, subtract, multiply and divide whole numbers.

OALCF LEVEL: A1.1; A2.1; C1.1; C2.1; C3.1; C4.1; B1.2; D.2

How to Write a Cover Letter

A cover letter gives you an opportunity to introduce yourself to an employer and encourage them to read further. This class will explain the different parts of a cover letter and information to include in each part to help you get employer's interest.

OALCF LEVEL: A1.1-A1.2; A2.1-A2.2; B1.2, B2.2; D.1-D.3

Basic Computer Functions

Learn the basic parts and functions of a computer. This class will cover an introduction to Windows Desktop. Discover how easy it is to customize your desktop by changing the background, arranging the desktop icons, adjusting the screen saver settings and creating desktop shortcuts. Learn handy keyboard shortcuts that will help you get more done in less time! An introduction to common Microsoft Office programs including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher will be covered. 

OALCF LEVEL: D.1, B1.2; A1.1, A2.1