New Courses

January 2019:

Building Proper Sentences - New Live Class!
Building proper sentences is challenging. There are so many rules to follow! In this class, you will learn strategies to build sentences with confidence. We will discuss prepositions and phrases as well as clauses and conjunctions. You will also learn how to avoid common mistakes like run-on sentences and sentence fragments. Enrol today and start building stunning sentences! 

November 2018: 

Writing an Essay - New Short Course! 
If you are working toward a high school credit or assessment or preparing to write the GED test, you need to know how to write an essay. In this course, you will 

  • identify parts of a 5 paragraph essay
  • read writing prompts and learn how to answer them
  • use strategies like brainstorming and organizing to plan your essay
  • draft your own thesis statement as well as introduction, body and concluding paragraphs
  • revise and edit your essay draft

Don't let essays scare you! Take this course and learn the skills, step by step.

October 2018: 

Workplace Communication - New Live Class!
Communicating at work is challenging.  Everyone has different personalities and ways of expressing themselves.  If you want to succeed at work, you need to communicate and listen well. Take this class to learn how to improve your listening skills, how to handle difficult people at work, how your body language affect others and how communication styles and rules change in our digital world. 

Workplace Expectations - New Live Class! 
Are you looking for work or starting a new job? Are you nervous about making a good impression? You are not alone! The workplace can be confusing with so many rules to follow.  Take this class to learn what employers expect from you. You will learn how to prepare for your first day and get tips to use when faced with a challenge. We will explain the skills employers look for and talk about your rights as an employee when it comes to your pay, breaks and safety.     

June 2018:  

Steps to Success - New Short Course! 
Some learn best by watching or reading, some by listening, and others by trying things on their own.  Our favourite way to learn is called our preferred learning style and knowing your style can help you learn better. This course will help you identify your learning style, and will provide strategies to use that take advantage of your preference.  You will learn how to use memory strategies like mnemonic phrases or images.  Online learning is very different from classroom learning.  This course helps to identify learning challenges and obstacles and how to cope when faced with a challenge.   The goal of this course is to help you explore strategies for managing time, reaching out for help, setting goals and monitoring your learning.    

May 2018: 

Nutritional Science - New Short Course! 
Discover how the Canada Food Guide can be used to determine appropriate servings and to make healthy choices. Learn to interpret food labels and advertisements to decide which product is a healthier choice to plan a healthy meal for yourself or your family.