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The LearningHUB is an online Literacy & Basic Skills upgrading program offered by The Centres for Employment and Learning of the Avon Maitland District School Board, serving the English population of Ontario. The LearningHUB is funded by the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development as part of the e-Channel initiative and is free to all adult learners who want to access a flexible online learning environment for literacy and numeracy upgrading.

While the LearningHUB services the Anglophone sector for e-Channel, there are three other partners serving the Native stream (Sioux Hudson Literacy Council), the Francophone stream (CAF Plus), and the Deaf stream (TBA). These four agencies are funded to service LBS learners from OALCF levels 1-3. For learners who are at LBS OALCF level 3 and are interested in upgrading for college entry, the College Sector Committee is funded to deliver the Academic Career Entrance (ACE) program online as part of the e-Channel learning initiative. Click here to read more about our e-Channel partners.

While e-Channel learning is ultimately targeted at learners who either live too far away from a learning center to commute, or who cannot access regular classroom programming for other reasons (transportation, childcare, personal schedule, personal preference etc.), it is also intended as a supplementary aid for regular classroom LBS programs.

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Learning Tools

Take a virtual tour today! Demonstration videos have been designed for practitioners to sample what learning experiences the LearningHUB has to offer.

Introduction to Plato Video

Introduction to LearnScape Video

Introduction to Moodle Video

Introduction to Adobe Connect