How do programs fit online learning into regular programming? Don’t things get a little crazy?

It certainly takes some management to offer flexible learning in a classroom setting; however, once you’ve made the initial foray into online learning, you’ll find it is more a help than a hindrance. Most LBS practitioners start out slowly. One way is to register learners with common goals in a Live Class such as Understanding Fractions or writing an Essay. With Live Classes, the lesson is taught and the learner is introduced to the skill sets involved. LearningHUB practitioners then follow up by providing more opportunities to practice. All Live Classes are taped for playback, so if the learner continues to have difficulty, s/he can review the Live Class recording as many times as necessary. Another popular online learning option classroom practitioners choose for their learners, is registration for one of the short courses created by The LearningHUB that address specific areas of interest while still teaching literacy basic, ie. Conflict  Resolution Skills & Stragies, Customer Service Essentials, Feeding a Family, Social Media and Your Job Search, etc. Check out the Short Course Information sheets linked on the home page of this website.