Apprenticeship (Bundle)

Grouping of course material to help support you as you investigate an apprenticeship goal.

Receive a general overview of apprenticeship and investigate specific trades related to the Construction, Automotive and Food Service Sectors. Also covered are: Workplace Expectations, Communication Skills and Report Writing.

You will select from the following to create a package that fits your needs:


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Apprenticeship Math

This course is designed for learners preparing to go into the trades. It focuses on basic math skills using fractions, decimals, percents, converting imperial and metric measurements and how to read a measuring tape. This course includes real workplace examples that can be applied to the trades. If you’re interested in this career pathway and need to strengthen your math skills, this course is for you!

Note: Learners should be able to add, subtract, multiply and divide whole numbers before taking this course.

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College Readiness (Bundle)

Grouping of curriculum that will help prepare you to be successful at College. This bundle includes the following courses/curriculum:

* Reading, Writing and Math Assessments with Independent Study learning options are also available dependent on individual needs.


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Exploring Apprenticeship

This course was created for learners who would like to explore the options available to them through apprenticeship, and features content developed by Literacy Link South Central (LLSC). This course allows learners to:

  1. Get an overview of Apprenticeship, including the individual trades and trade sectors.
  2. Investigate specific trades related to the Construction, Automotive and Food Services sectors.
  3. Understand the credentials available through apprenticeship and prepare for the tests they may encounter during the credentialing phase.


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Goal Setting - Discovering Your Goals

I’m not sure what I want to do with my life, but I want it to be great! If this sounds familiar, this goal-setting course is for you. In this course, you will think about your dreams, consider your values and talents, and examine your needs, commitments, and challenges. Then you’ll have the chance to set a goal and form a plan of action to pursue that goal. This course is full of useful tips on making choices, researching options, and weathering the ups and downs of your journey. Discovering your goals is a giant step towards reaching your potential in life and work.

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Learning Strategies for Students with Learning Disabilities and ADHD

Everyone learns differently and some people face challenges because of learning disabilities. This course introduces students to common learning disabilities and gives useful learning strategies. In each unit you will learn how to: recognize specific disabilities, use recommended learning strategies, overcome academic challenges, use accommodations and use adaptive technology.

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Manage College: College Readiness Tips

This course helps students prepare for college and high school credit courses. Often students move on from work, upgrading or high school without knowing what skills they will need to succeed in college. With this course, students will learn tips and strategies to build their confidence with time management, organization, studying and overcoming obstacles.

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Reading Strategies

This curriculum will teach you strategies to understand written text in messages, letters, stories and reports, and in graphical data (pie charts, tables, graphs, etc.)


Self Exploration: How I Communicate in Different Places

This course is the digital version of a course created by Literacy Link South Central (LLSC) in 2013 and funded by the Ontario government using Employment Ontario funding. It is one of a series of 4 courses we've grouped together under the heading of Self Exploration. In this course, you will be thinking and talking about how you communicate in different places. At the end of this course you should be able to understand how different generations communicate, understand key factors in effective communication, feel more comfortable communicating in a group setting, begin to understand how to improve communication skills and identify your current skills and the skills that you need to work on.

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Steps to Success

This is a great course for learners who are new to the LearningHUB or online learning! In this course, we give you strategies and tips to set you up for success! You will identify your learning style and discover some ways to take advantage of your learning preferences. You will be introduced to memory and study tips as well as strategies for managing your time, reaching out for help, setting goals and monitoring your progress. You will learn to identify your learning challenges and how to come up with solutions when faced with an obstacle.

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Understanding Your Learning Styles

We all learn in different ways and understanding our own strengths helps us succeed. This course helps students understand their own personal learning styles. Students will investigate visual, auditory, and kinesthetic ways of learning and they will develop ways to use their preferred learning style more effectively.

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Writing Strategies

This curriculum will help you improve your grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure and vocabulary, as well as your paragraph and essay writing skills.