About Us

The LearningHUB provides opportunities to upgrade reading, writing, math, computer and other essential skills so you can:

  • be ready to work towards/pursue a Grade 12 credit course or Grade 12 equivalency (GED)
  • be better prepared to get a job, or perform better in an existing job
  • enter a college, university, or apprenticeship program
  • gain essential skills
  • empower yourself to reach life goals

This is a free online program available to adult learners across Ontario who want to access our flexible online learning environment.

This site is divided into three main sections:  Click Get Registered if you'd like information about enrolling with the LearningHUB or want to know more about the kind of courses we offer. Click Get Started if you're ready already enrolled and would like to register for a class, or would like to access your course module.

In the meantime, why not find out more about the LearningHUB, who we are, and how others have benefited from online learning!

To find out more about all e-Channel programs, you may be interested in the Information and Referral Guide - English or French.