Creative Writing: Telling Your Story

Sometimes we forget that writing can be a joy. Through a series of fun writing exercises and inspirational readings, you’ll remember (or discover) how much fun Creative Writing can be! You’ll gather useful tips on how to make your personal stories and journal entries more interesting and readable. You’ll also learn how to create a character, how to plan a fictional story, and how to structure your story to entice your reader. Clear lessons and printable worksheets will help you brush up on word choice, sentence structure, sentence variation and punctuation.

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GED Prep - All Subjects

The GED Test consists of five subject areas – Math, Language Arts Reading, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts Writing.

Register for this curriculum if you would like to upgrade in all subject areas in preparation for writing the GED Test in its entirety. A full library of GED Prep Courses related to the five subject areas can be assigned.


GED Prep - Reading

Register for this curriculum if you want to upgrade your reading skills to get ready to write the GED Language Arts - Reading Test.


GED Prep - Social Studies

Register for this curriculum if you want to upgrade your knowledge of geography and history to get ready to write the GED Social Studies Test.


GED Prep - Test

Register for the GED Pre-Test if you would like to take a GED Practice Test to determine which subject areas you need to upgrade your skills in, prior to applying to write the official GED Test.

GED Prep - Writing

Register for this curriculum if you want to upgrade your writing skills to get ready to write the GED Language Arts - Writing Test.


GED Prep Series 1: Intro to GED Social Studies (Live Class)

This is the first class in our short, GED Prep Series.  Just like the GED Science Test, the Social Studies Test looks at your ability to read and interpret information in text, diagrams, charts and maps.  In this class, you will be introduced to sample questions from a variety of topics including, Canadian History, World History, Civics, Government, Economics and Geography.   Together, we will read the questions, find the key details, and break down the strategies for choosing the proper answer.

GED Prep Series 2: Intro to GED Science (Live Class)

Essential Grammar is a three-part series.  These classes teach basic grammar rules to help you improve your writing today!  In this class, we talk more about sentences.  We discuss prepositions and phrases as well as clauses and conjunctions.  You will also learn how to avoid common mistakes like run-on sentences and sentence fragments.  We will connect these lessons to what you learned in the previous sessions so you can start building your sentences with confidence!  

GED Prep Series 3: Essay (Live Class)

This is the last class in our GED Prep Series.  In this class, you will learn the steps for writing a GED Essay.  We explain what to look for when reading the essay question and then discuss the importance of planning your response.  We will also teach you strategies for organizing your essay into paragraphs and will explain how your essay will be graded.   Ace the essay with this class! 

GED Prep – Math

Register for this curriculum if you want to upgrade your math skills in preparation for writing the GED Math Test.


GED Prep – Science

Register for this curriculum if you want to upgrade your knowledge and understanding of all Science in preparation for writing the GED Science Test.


Learning Strategies for Students with Learning Disabilities and ADHD

Everyone learns differently and some people face challenges because of learning disabilities. This course introduces students to common learning disabilities and gives useful learning strategies. In each unit you will learn how to: recognize specific disabilities, use recommended learning strategies, overcome academic challenges, use accommodations and use adaptive technology.

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Personal Growth (Bundle)

Register for the Personal Growth Course Bundle if you are looking for a grouping of course material to help support you in the achievement of your goals. You will select from the following to create a package that fits your needs:

Goal Setting - Ponder your dreams, consider your values and talents, and examine your needs, commitments, and challenges. Discovering your goals is a giant step towards reaching your potential in life and work. Maintaining Healthy Self Esteem - Healthy self-esteem is something we all work on over our lifetime. In this course you will develop methods for increasing your self-esteem and maintaining it through times of stress. Learn tips on keeping your self-esteem intact while navigating the sometimes rough waters of life, on and off the job!

Self Exploration – My Dream Career - Understand the difference between a job and a career, identify current skills and knowledge, learn about barriers to employment and identify a dream career. Self Exploration – My Role Models - Explore the qualities of a good role model, your own personal qualities and what you want to work on to be a good role model.

Self Exploration – How I Communicate in Different Places - Understand how different generations communicate and the key factors in effective communication. Feel more comfortable communicating in a group setting and begin to understand how to improve your communication skills.

Self Exploration – Examining My Online Identity and Digital Media Use - Learn about your online identity, discuss how to protect yourself online and the use of digital devices and media in your life. Creative Writing—Telling your Story - Through a series of fun writing exercises and inspirational readings, you’ll remember (or discover) how much fun Creative Writing can be!

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Reading Strategies

This curriculum will teach you strategies to understand written text in messages, letters, stories and reports, and in graphical data (pie charts, tables, graphs, etc.)


Steps to Success

This is a great course for learners who are new to the LearningHUB or online learning! In this course, we give you strategies and tips to set you up for success! You will identify your learning style and discover some ways to take advantage of your learning preferences. You will be introduced to memory and study tips as well as strategies for managing your time, reaching out for help, setting goals and monitoring your progress. You will learn to identify your learning challenges and how to come up with solutions when faced with an obstacle.

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Understanding Your Learning Styles

We all learn in different ways and understanding our own strengths helps us succeed. This course helps students understand their own personal learning styles. Students will investigate visual, auditory, and kinesthetic ways of learning and they will develop ways to use their preferred learning style more effectively.

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Writing an Essay

If you are working toward a high school credit or assessment or preparing to write the GED test, you need to know how to write an essay. In this course, you will 

  • identify parts of a 5 paragraph essay
  • read writing prompts and learn how to answer them
  • use strategies like brainstorming and organizing to plan your essay
  • draft your own thesis statement as well as introduction, body and concluding paragraphs
  • revise and edit your essay draft


Don't let essays scare you! Take this course and learn the skills, step by step.


Writing Strategies

This curriculum will help you improve your grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure and vocabulary, as well as your paragraph and essay writing skills.