Credit or PLAR - Science Prep

Register for this curriculum if you want to upgrade your knowledge of Science to get ready to take a high school credit course or write the 9/10 Science PLAR assessment.  *NOTE – Level of curriculum assigned will be based on the results of an intake assessment completed during the registration process.

GED Prep Series 2: Intro to GED Science (Live Class)

Essential Grammar is a three-part series.  These classes teach basic grammar rules to help you improve your writing today!  In this class, we talk more about sentences.  We discuss prepositions and phrases as well as clauses and conjunctions.  You will also learn how to avoid common mistakes like run-on sentences and sentence fragments.  We will connect these lessons to what you learned in the previous sessions so you can start building your sentences with confidence!  

GED Prep – Science

Register for this curriculum if you want to upgrade your knowledge and understanding of all Science in preparation for writing the GED Science Test.


Steps to Success

This is a great course for learners who are new to the LearningHUB or online learning! In this course, we give you strategies and tips to set you up for success! You will identify your learning style and discover some ways to take advantage of your learning preferences. You will be introduced to memory and study tips as well as strategies for managing your time, reaching out for help, setting goals and monitoring your progress. You will learn to identify your learning challenges and how to come up with solutions when faced with an obstacle.

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